10 things about Elliott:

  1. Director of Product Development at Stat.io, the search engine for the world’s socio-economic data.
    Winner of Startup Weekend Cambridge, Silicon Valley comes to the UK (London), Startup Weekend Transmedia (San Francisco)

  2. Built The Humanitarian Social Network (1,300 humanitarians driving in 20,000 monthly pageviews from 180 countries)

  3. Trilingual (French, English & Japanese), tried his luck at Italian and Swedish with little success.

  4. 8 years of entrepreneurship & business experience in both manufacturing (clothing, bicycles) and service sectors (branding consulting)

  5. Lived, studied, worked and volunteered in Canada, Japan, Nepal, Switzerland, Sweden, Tanzania and the UK

  6. Had 8 speaking engagements in Belgium, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, USA and the UK in the past 2 years

  7. Published 4 research articles & 1 book chapter in multicultural management and virtual team management

  8. Bike Trials rider; performed in Canada & Japan as well as for large companies (McDonalds, Pepsi&Co, Base Energy, Ryders Eyewear).

  9. MPhil International Relations @University of Cambridge, UK '13; MSc. Peace & Development Work @Linnéuniversitet, Sweden ’12

  10. BBA International Business with Minor in Japanese @Bishop's University in Canada (graduated first of ‘11 class)

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